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Lost in REM

  • Published 19 May 2022
  • Publisher CC Readers
  • ISBN B0B1C7QM33
  • Paperback Lost in REM and other stories

A compilation of my shorter stories available on ebooks/kindle stores. These shorts are not large enough to enable a printed version, so this compilation is to enable those who like to hold a physical book in their hands.

Lost in REM was one of the first stories which garnered me substantial notoriety, it was one of the first stories available in the very early days of Amazon. It has been reprinted in various sci fi magazines since 1984 when it first appeared in Dream Magazine. The stories here have all been printed through the years with varying degrees of success.

Hoping you enjoy my flights of imagination.

PS: The kindle version is for Lost in REM only, the other shorts included are also available as individual kindle stories, you may like to check my author page.


Lost in REM

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