Sci-fi fiction, ghost story and fantasy fiction writer
Christopher E. Howard

Christopher E. Howard

Since the early 1980s after winning a literary award, Chris worked for many publications, magazines and periodicals. After a bad accident in 2009, he now devotes his time to writing with his latest novel now released, and a further three on their way. Read more

River Rats by Christopher E. Howard

River Rats

A group of disillusioned ex-bikers / military veterans embark on a jaunt up-river on the Norfolk Broads where a huge electrical storm whisks them off on a totally unexpected inter-planetary adventure. Read more

A Free Read

This piece is indicative of what has become known in the world of literature as the ‘Short-short’ – the fabled ‘ten-minute-read’. Popular years ago, with the ‘fanzine and pamphlet era’ it died out for some time as the ‘trade-paperback’ took centre stage. Read more