About Chris

Chris is a sci-fi fiction, ghost and fantasy fiction writer. Born in Harrow and educated everywhere else, he now resides in Norfolk, UK.

Exposed to Fireball XL5 and other fine shows like Dr. Who in the 60s, soon made Chris realise that his imagination could take him anywhere. Chris has spent his whole life mired in science, science fiction and fantasy. Having experienced his first motion picture all those years ago, Jason and the Argonauts, he’s as starry-eyed about science fiction as ever, and even more passionate about writing it.

From England to the red sands of Australia, starting work at the age of 14 in the Opal Mines of Northern Australia, and with an interest in anatomy he quickly learned first aid, becoming a qualified nurse in the mines: from there he went onto a surgical residency at Darwin Hospital. Alongside his MD from the hospital, he continued studying gaining an MA in English, and later an MA in Woodwork (Ship Wright).

So, for the next twenty years Chris worked with the National Geographic and the national papers, up and coming magazines and periodicals. He began travelling even wider, exploring the islands of the South Pacific.

He earned money as a marine mechanic, English teacher, engraver, and caught a flight out to the Tuamotu Ridge, an unpopulated archipelago, spending several weeks alone in the hope of finding himself. He dovetailed pieces of wood together; strummed his guitar; travelled; worked hard, lived – and loved – a great deal.

He travelled through the fertile plains of Africa with a friend, taking a herd of purebred arab horses from Angola via the Trans Val ending up in Nigeria. Another year, he spent time seeing the wonderful awe-inspiring architecture of Europe.

His penchant for nailing bits of wood together proved lucrative, and he began studying again and writing in his spare time. slowly and surely gaining ground, scaling the ladder of success both journalistic and in the construction industry until a bad accident in 2009 ended his construction career overnight.

Since then Chris has concentrated on his first love, writing, and has now written several novels.

Introducing Chris’ writing

Ghost Be Mine!

Five short stories, individual ebooks or as a paperback compilation with an extra story included.
Free Read – Lost in R.E.M.

Latest Book

River Rats

River Rats
ISBN 978-1998992706
Paperback 198 x 126mm
352 pages

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