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I have several short stories which were written during my careers spanning the last four decades. Most were penned in-between the necessary day jobs, and the shorter ones are being put together into themed compilations. The first ones were inspired by my medical career, they explore various dreams and thought patterns and how they could play out.

Lost in R.E.M. was groundbreaking when it was first published and won me several awards through the years, even being discussed in a couple of medical journals. Being offered here FOR FREE for the enjoyment of today’s audience who missed me first time around.

There is always a juggling act between time and money, money being the more needy in order to pursue my love of travelling so by necessity many short stories arose over time. These tales were varied in subject according to what was going on around me so my next compilations will be themed as there are several with Ghostly undertones. others are purely mischievous and fairytale like. Then during darker experiences came the Apocalyptic offerings.

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Introducing Chris’ writing

Ghost Be Mine!

Five short stories, individual ebooks or as a paperback compilation with an extra story included.
Free Read – Lost in R.E.M.

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River Rats

River Rats
ISBN 978-1998992706
Paperback 198 x 126mm
352 pages

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